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  • The Regime in its Labyrinth
    Fri, 06 January 2012
    Husam Itani

    Based on the statements of the Syrian officials and their media outlets, the following reality appears: the people are progressively rallying around their command in parallel to the escalation of the impact of the conspiracy on the citizens’ daily lives.

    The regime’s denial of the existence of a domestic crisis affecting the deepest foundations on which its structure was built resulted in an outcome closer to abstract plays and dark comedies. Indeed, it would be impossible to conceive the ability of outside powers to control on the field the third largest city located in the center of the country and far away from any border - i.e. Homs - while imposing a certain level of turmoil at the level of the daily lives of millions of Syrians seeking their livelihood, while the only thing wrong with the ruling regime is some corruption being handled by the reforms of the country’s master.

    Reality reveals a completely opposite situation. It reveals that the economic and social base on which the Syrian regime erected its horrific edifice, has been cracked in a way exceeding the ability of any side to fix it. Moreover, the game of blackmail directed towards foreign sides to ensure the continuity of the control on the domestic arena is over. For its part and on two occasions – i.e. on the anniversary of the Naqba on May 15 and less than a month later on the anniversary of the June defeat – Israel showed its determination to harshly respond to any harassment attempt. On that day, two young Palestinians died after their pureness and enthusiasm led them to believe the lies of the regime, thus paying out with their lives the price for a false wager on seizing international attention through the border harassment.

    So far, Europe has managed to avoid any engagement in a confrontation wanted by the regime in Damascus through its attack – carried out directly or by proxy - against the UNIFIL troops in South Lebanon. However, the Turkish position is more complicated due to the border proximity and the presence of Syrian refugees and dissidents on Turkish soil, but also due to the magnitude of the Turkish interests in Syria and the nature of the role which Ankara drew up for itself in the region.

    Not one foreign side, not even Turkey, was led toward the arena on which the regime of President Bashar al-Assad tried to launch a military show to justify the brutality of the domestic oppression, neither in Lebanon, nor in the Golan, nor on the Turkish border, despite the doubts surrounding its ability to engage in a direct armed confrontation with any foreign side. Once again, the regime is facing the reality it has been repeatedly denying, i.e. that the security-military-economic group which has been governing Syria throughout the past fifty years can no longer renew itself and the foundations of its authority.

    Despite all the denial exerted by the regime and those defending it among the Syrians, Lebanese and others, it will eventually be unable to stop the waves of Syrian youth demanding a better life containing a fair amount of the two magic ingredients: dignity and freedom. Indeed, this regime which is based on an alliance between the opportunists, sectarian, parasitical bourgeois and senior officers, has lost its ability to manage the country, even in the simplest meaning of the term by meeting the ordinary needs of the citizens and getting them to perform their civil duties without resorting to violence or coercion.

    The regime and those praising it are not recognizing this reality. They even attribute to it a series of imagined political, diplomatic and security victories, the last of which being the arrival of a Russian aircraft carrier to the port of Tartous. But the Syrian regime can uphold whichever tale it wants, although it will be surprised soon enough to see it is facing palpable facts that are completely different from the comic tales broadcast by its media outlets and written by the pens on which it placed its hands, either through bribery or terror.

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تصغير الخط تكبير الخط

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